Talk about “Mexico,” and the first thing to pop in our minds is an immaculately beautiful coastline that reaches out as far as the eye can see.

However, this enchanting, alluring, and gem of a place in North America has so much more to offer than its expansive 10,000 km of white sands and sunny beaches.

If the mere thought of this enthralling destination has gotten you all excited, then this essential guide on how to prepare your travel to Mexico will be of great help to you.

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No Need for Mexico Visa to Travel to Mexico

Foreign nationals who wish to travel and enter Mexico are required to obtain a Mexico visa unless they are citizens of any one of the 67 qualified and visa-exempted countries.

Despite their nationalities, all foreign visitors who are traveling to Mexico for business, leisure and tourism, or in transit to another country will be exempted from presenting a Mexican visa, provided they have an effective and valid visa issued by any one of the following countries:

However, there are certain conditions you must bear in mind, so even though a visa to Mexico is not required, you should at least:

Book Your Flight or Map Your Land Route to Mexico

The best time to book your flight or take the land route to Mexico is when the weather is on your side. This way, you can enjoy the best of its stunning vistas, gorgeous venues, and delectable food.

The earlier your book and secure your air tickets, the higher the possibility of saving more money. Several airlines fly to Mexico, but if you are all in for an adventure, a land route will be a good way to step out of the usual tourist trail and experience the real "Mexico."

It is best to book your flight to Mexico at least 3-4 months before you want to visit to get the most affordable flights. Some of the airlines that the Mexico City Juarez International Airport services are:

Get Your Mexico Tourist Card Online

For visiting purposes, it is mandatory to have a Mexico Tourist Card, which you can obtain by completing an application form online before traveling.

The Mexico Tourist Card is officially known as the Forma Migratoria Múltiple (FMM), a compulsory entry requirement for all tourists and foreign nationals traveling and entering Mexico for leisure, tourism, or business purposes.

There are many provider that facilitate the Tourist Card application. is one of the many centers that have an online form.

You can use the FMM for a solo entry by land or air, and it remains valid for up to 180 days, commencing from the time it gets stamped with an immigration seal upon arriving in Mexico. The process for obtaining your Mexico Tourist Card requires submitting details regarding your travel documents, personal data, and information on your trip to Mexico City.

The form takes a couple of minutes to finish. The permitted FMM is passed on to the applicant via email, printed in hard copy, and presented at the border control.

Look for Fun, Not Too Popular, Venues in Mexico

If your idea of a perfect getaway to Mexico refers to meeting crowds of other vacationers and residents, then you should head straight over to Cabo or Cancun. Most of the vacation-worthy places in Mexico are most likely going to be filled with tourists.

Still, there are a few cities that do not get to see so many travelers. While in Mexico, try to chill out and look for less touristy or popular and more fun places to explore the authentic charm of Mexico.

Here are 3 incredibly stunning destinations in Mexico that present to you a relatively laid-back look and aren’t too crowded by tourists, giving you the perfect opportunity to enjoy the beauty, fun, adventure, culture, and splendid views of Mexico to the fullest.


Manzanillo continues to be a hidden gem in Mexico with its stunning beaches, friendly locals, lush banana plantations, active and dormant volcanoes, and the best of the best fishing.

Despite receiving so many tourists, Manzanillo has somehow been able to retain its genuinely laid-back Mexican vibe. So enjoy devouring delectable ceviche, go snorkeling along the pristine beach, shop at the weekend markets, and experience the most tranquil getaway.


Head over Guanajuato, a UNESCO World Heritage city, which is an exquisitely enchanting locale known for its aesthetically appealing vibrant houses, colonial-era buildings, and paved streets.

Here, you are bound to have an experience of a lifetime as you find a horde of students at the restaurants and bars and street performers performing and entertaining people in the plazas. The city boasts many magnificent museums and draws in a significant number of artists during the most popular Cervantino Festival held every year.

While you won’t find any of the spectacular beaches in this part of the city, Guanajuato is known for its authentic and vibrant atmosphere that will definitely make it worth your trip to Mexico.


Yelapa is a tiny beach town that doesn’t hold any five-pearl hotels or centuries-old churches. Nonetheless, this charming little down provides the ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

It rests peacefully in a cove of Bahia de Banderas, the 7th largest bay of the world. It is completely surrounded by lush, dense jungle, with no cars, no airplanes, no buildings, and no Starbucks or confectionary shops.

Yelapa is not everybody’s cup of tea. But if you want to enjoy the serene vistas of abundant greenery and sparkling waters, then it is worth the visit.

Pack Light When Traveling to Mexico

If it has been quite some time since you last traveled, there is a chance you will miss a thing or two while packing for your trip to Mexico. But now that we have your back, you have a handy checklist of all the things you need to pack for your trip.

Just remember to pack light and not overburden yourself. By light, we mean carry all your essentials and pack enough clothes to last you for 8-10 days. In summers, it can get pretty hot during the day and surprisingly chilly in the evenings, so always make sure to carry a light jacket.

Essentials to carry

Clothes to Pack

Explore Mexico!

Mexico serves as the ultimate getaway for primeval history enthusiasts who wish to explore the deepest civilization roots, with the prehistoric Teotihuacan city only a short distance away.

As you move southeast to the Yucatán Peninsula, you will discover the renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site, Chichen Itza, standing as proof of the most glorious golden years of the great Mayan empire.

The astounding emerald-green waters of Yucatán make it a worthy destination for sport fishing, scuba diving, and dipping into one of the 7000 cenotes of the district. To get a glimpse of Mexico’s heart, do not forget to visit Oaxaca and submerge yourself in the spellbinding allure of Mexico’s most indigenous values.

While you are there, it is a must to treat yourself to a beautiful handmade shawl crafted with love and age-old skills that have been passed down for many generations.

Mexico is mostly known for its rugged landscapes, so hop aboard El Chepe for a scenic train ride and go northwest to Chihuahua, where you will come across the impressive Copper Canyon and several other mesmerizing trails ideal for trekking.

Finally, no trip to Mexico is deemed complete without having a bite of its world-famous delectable cuisine.

Start off as a tourist with the familiar dishes by grabbing some tortillas and burrito bowl or settle down with a taco al barbacoa from one of the vibrant cantinas dotted along the streets. Or feast like an authentic Mexican on chiles en nogadas, a Mexican specialty featuring a stuffed poblano chili served with some juicy and sweet pomegranates and a walnut cream sauce.