Being the 2nd most populous country of the world, India is a culturally diverse and aesthetically pleasing land. From being one of the world’s most ancient civilizations to a booming economic giant and tourist venue, India has achieved a lot and has surprisingly come a long way.

India constantly brings something new and valuable to the table for its visitors, from the most luxurious to incredibly budget-friendly. If you are amongst the latter and interested in getting to India on a budget without breaking your lockers, this is the ultimate guide for you.

Look for Flights on Cheap Flight Sites

There are several cheap flight sites where you can look up flights to India. Go Air, IndiGo, and Spice Jet are amongst some of the most low-cost India-based air carriers where you can look for and book a cheap flight to India. AirAsia and Air India Express are two of the best international and low-cost airlines that let you travel to India at the most affordable rates.

For domestic flights, it is recommended to book a cheap flight to India at least 2-3 weeks before your desired plan to travel. For international flights, it is preferable to book a cheap flight at least 5-6 weeks prior to traveling.

Apply For Your India Visa Online

You should apply for your India visa online at least 4 days before your date of journey. The visa application online process is easy and hassle-free.

Online Application

The 1st step of the visa application process requires you to fill an online application. You will need to carry all the necessary forms and relevant information to complete the registration process. Some of the forms include submitting a photograph of yourself, a valid passport, your personal data page, a valid form of payment via a credit or debit card, and additional details about your travel plans and staying duration in India.

Pay the Fees

Next, you will need to pay the fees for the application form so that it can be submitted online. After you pay the application form fees, your profile is presented to and reviewed by the agents. While your profile is under review, your application details will be checked and gone over thoroughly to ensure all the information matches, are relevant, and presented accurately.

Review and Approve

After reviewing and cross-checking your visa application form, it will be handed over to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be rechecked and approved. It typically takes 1-2 days for the Indian officials to get back to you.

If they find any issues with your visa application, you will be notified through email to take the following steps to complete and proceed ahead with the visa application process. Once it is approved, you will receive an email comprising the relevant details on obtaining your e-Visa.

You will receive an email comprising an electronic travel authorization (ETA). This contains all the essential information about your departure and arrival to India. You will have to print this ETA and present it at the Immigration Check Post, where your India Tourist e-Visa will be stamped on your passport.

Look For Hotel Deals Online

The majority of India's online hotel booking websites offer enticing deals, discounts, the lowest rates, and an expansive array of locations and rooms. While looking for the best hotel deals online, you will come across several hotel booking sites to book a hotel in India online, all from the convenience of your homes. Here are some of the top-ranked sites where you are bound to find the best hotel deals online:


Airbnb is indeed the largest virtual hospitality service provider that organizes home-stays, exceptional tourism services, and premium lodgings and accommodations worldwide.

MakeMyTrip is yet another highly renowned Indian travel company in India. It provides various services, from making hotel reservations to booking air tickets to offering the most outstanding holiday packages. This site is definitely worth checking for the best hotel deals.

Agoda is also another excellent site for checking up on the best accommodation spaces and booking hotels online in India.

Expedia is a top-rated site widely used for finding the most spectacular deals and booking airline tickets and hotel rooms in India.

Yatra ranks as the 2nd largest online traveling site in India. It caters to services such as providing the most affordable holiday packages, online flights, bus and train tickets, and hotel reservations.

Furthermore, Tripadvisor and Trivago are two of the most well-renowned sites in India for hotel comparison purposes. These two sites will help you come across the infinite restaurant and hotel reviews to compare and decide which ones best match your preferences. They have an online portal that aids advertising services, travel-associated content, and hotel booking facilities.

Explore it for Meals Instead of Big Chains

Traditional and authentic Indian cuisine comprises a mélange of incredible flavors and spices. The best part is that you will notice a remarkable difference in taste in each region of India. Each sub-cuisine has its own delectable take on the different Indian dishes. While some are piquant, others might be vibrant, visually appealing, and full of flavors.

As you step into India, forget everything else and explore the city at its finest by savoring authentic Indian meals rather than going for the big international chains. Envision yourself, going beyond samosas and vada pavs and entering into a world of hearty, wholesome, and spicy goodness. Here are some of the most worth-trying dishes in India:

Explore India

A lot has been written about India, one of the most alluring and spellbinding travel destinations of the world. Still, nothing will ever be sufficient enough to prepare you for the magical experiences, delectable cuisines, and the sheer range of landscapes the first time you land in India.

India is a vast country and one that is transitioning to a great extent. From deserts to mountains to beaches, there is so much for you to explore in India. It is one of those destinations that deserve to be visited at least once in a lifetime to avoid missing out on some truly wondrous things.

The cities are undeniably contemporary and rapidly developing at an exceptional speed. A few of the must-visit cities are Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Jaipur, Goa, Chennai, Mumbai, and Kolkata, to name a few.

Due to tourism, numerous destinations across India have been vastly transformed, such as Chennai in the south. Back when this city was previously known as Madras, it merely served as a gateway to India's other parts. Today, Chennai stands as an incredibly spectacular place to visit on its own as it brims with top-notch luxury hotels, classy restaurants, bars, and malls, and inhabitants as inviting and warm as its weather.

One of the most incredible gems and must-visit destinations is Dehradun, which serves as a serene and peaceful getaway. Another heavenly place deeply infused with rich culture and history is Patna, an ideal destination for ancient history buffs.

Mumbai (previously known as Bombay) is one of India’s most popular and widely visited destinations that is worth including in your travel itinerary. In this bustling city, you will witness life, and basically everything else moving at a frantic pace.

Following this is the iconic Golden Trio, which consists of three cities: Agra, Jaipur, and Rajasthan. Each of these magnificent cities presents its own unique charm and appeal. Still, Agra takes the cake primarily due to the presence of the mesmerizing Taj Mahal.

No trip to India is deemed complete unless you grab a sight of this majestic landmark that is instantly noticeable and recognizable from afar. The Taj Mahal is a 350-year-old impressive monument constructed by none other than Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan to express his irrevocable and supreme love for his late wife.

India comprises upscale markets and traditional bazaars, so you can get the best of both worlds. The authentic flavors are best enjoyed while street shopping, while you can find some of the most high-end brands of the world, all under one roof, in the swanky malls of India.

Finally, besides its stunning man-made and natural attractions, India is incredibly famous for drawing in so many people because of its mouthwatering gastronomic delights. From the intensely flavorful “vindaloos” in Goa to the lip-smacking seafood of the Nicobar and Andaman Islands to the delightfully rich and ghee-infused traditional dishes of Rajasthan, there is something that appeals to all taste-buds and budgets.